Himachal Pradesh of Western Himalayas is inhabited by many tribal communities. The Gaddi tribal society of Himachal Pradesh resides in the Chamba district of the state. Danda Raas occupies a prominent place in the performing arts of the Gaddi tribe of Sirmaur tehsil in Chamba district of Himachal Pradesh. 

This dance is performed at festivals and fairs. Shehnai, dhol, pauna, narsinga etc. are prominent among the instruments used in this dance. The dance consists of both men and women who dress up in traditional Gaddi people made of sheep's wool. Clothing called choli is worn with a thread tied at the waist. People of the Gaddi society call this garment related to Lord Shankar. The beginning of Danda Raas is followed by the worship of Lord Shankar, after which the songs in praise of Nagadevata is sung, and then the traditional Gaddi danda raas dance is performed in the accompany of the tune of shehnai. 

The attractive Himayalan costumes, mountain melodies and rhythmic dance postures created in this dance keep the audience engaged and enthralled.

CMO Chhattisgarh
DPR Chhattisgarh