Vasava is a tribe living in Maharashtra and Gujarat. Vasava dance will be performed at Tribalfest 2019 by artists of Vasava tribe residing in Narmada district of Gujarat. Holi dance will be staged by the artists in this festival. 

Holi dances are performed by the Vasava people for about 15 days during the Holi festival which begins on the day of Dhulendi. Dhulendi is mainly a festival of colors in which people apply different colors like Abir, Gulal etc. to each other. Holi dance is performed only by men in the Vasava society, in which people roam from village to village forming a group of 15 - 20 members.The dancers wear dhoti in dance attire and tie the ghugru in the feet. The dance starts from the evening and lasts through the night, in which people enjoy the songs sung in it, and the dances performed to the tune of dhap, tasa, flute etc.

CMO Chhattisgarh
DPR Chhattisgarh